Teresa McWalters

QT: 2:40:19

Residence: San Francisco, CA

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

College: Stanford University

Age on Race Day: 35

Affiliation: Impala Racing Team and Brooks

Qualifying Race: California International Marathon 2018

Marathon Best: 2:36:30

Social Handles: Instagram - @teresaxc

Favorite inspirational quote: "We are what we believe we are." - CS Lewis

Favorite post-race indulgence: A good scone with a good espresso 

Favorite vacation spot: Ireland 

Of Note: 

  • Architect, Rapt Studio
  • Being adopted at birth has given her an intrinsic awareness that life is a gift
  • Developed a Talus stress fracture in late 2017 that sidelined her for over 8 months; thought she might not run again.
  • Turning around after earning her OTQ in 2018 to see five of her teammates do the same was "among highest points of my running career"
  • Injury returned and she had surgery in spring 2019 
  • This is her fourth Olympic Trials: 5000m in 2008; Marathon in 2012 and 2016 (when she finished 38th)
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