Samantha Calderon

QT: 2:44:44

Residence: Boulder, CO

Hometown: Sauk Rapids, MN

College: St. Cloud State University

Age on Race Day: 24

Affiliation: Run Boulder Athletic Club/ Rabbit Elite

Qualifying Race: Chevron Houston Marathon 2018

Marathon Best: 2:44:44

Social Handles: Instagram - @samanthasunstrom  Twitter - @samanthajo888

Favorite inspirational quote: "Running is a gift."

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite post-race indulgence: Burger!!! and sweet potato fries

Of Note: 

  • Runcoach Customer Engagement Specialist
  • She and husband, Julian, adopted a boxer/pitbull mix named Chardonnay 10 days after getting married, and immediately moved to Colorado so she could train for OTQ
  • Favorite memory is bundling up with her sister and her best friend to run in the Minnesota winters, even when it was 40 degrees below zero
Samantha Calderon.jpg
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