Josh Baden

QT: 2:18:49

Residence: Lawrence, KS

Hometown: Colby, KS

College: The University of Kansas

Age on Race Day: 30

Qualifying Race: California International Marathon 2019

Marathon Best: 2:18:49

Social Handles: Instagram - @sonicshadow13  Twitter - @sonicspeed

Go-to breakfast: French Toast or breakfast burritos

Favorite post-race indulgence: Steak, burgers, dessert, basically everything unhealthy

Of Note: 

  • Actuarial Specialist for SE2 in Topeka, KS
  • Met his wife, Kara, while shopping for new trainers and marathon flats in the local running story; she was manager 
  • As a Kansas native, says there's something about being the first footprints in the snow or running in 70 mph winds that makes him smile
Josh Baden.jpg
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