CJ Albertson

QT: 2:14:51

Residence: Fresno, CA

Hometown: Fresno, CA

College: Arizona State University

Age on Race Day: 26

Qualifying Race: Two Cities Marathon 2018 

Marathon Best: 2:14:51

Social handles: Instagram - @cjalbertson

Favorite inspirational quote: "Running is easy."

Go-to breakfast: Breakfast Burritos: Eggs w/ bell peppers, hash browns, and sourdough bread crumbled up into the burrito  

Favorite post-race indulgence: Dark chocolate (72%)

Of Note: 

  • Coach and PE/Health Professor at Clovis Community College
  • Wife, Chelsey, has also qualified for Trials
  • Set world record for an indoor marathon in 2019, running 2:17:59
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